Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The benefits between heat transfer and silkscreen printing for tshirt

You may come across looking for tshirt printing service for company event, personal use or special gift for your love one. Most people might know there are several tshirt printing methods like heat transfer printing, silkscreen printing and etc… Do you ever know that which printing methods are most suitable for you?
Here we share the benefits between heat transfer and silkscreen printing. These 2 printing method are very common in tshirt printing industry.

The benefit of heat transfer printing
Technology – Heat Transfer using “eco-solvent print n cut system” to print the image digitally on PU vinyl material. Then the printed PU vinyl will transfer to tshirt via heat press machine.
Print quality – The image is printed with CMYK printer with excellent quality.
Setup time – Fast (due to no need to prepare block)
Production time – Average -  Subject to image size for transfer to tshirt
Cost – Heat transfer is more cost effect for low quantity order. The printing is CMYK, so that you can enjoy full color printing. You can even print a photograph on the tshirt.
Key advantage - no minimum order quantity, no block charges, no per color charges

The benefit of silkscreen printing
Technology – Silkscreen is a versatile printing technique suitable for printing on shirts, paper, wood, plastic and glass. The design is transferred to a frame with screen mesh stretched taut across it. Ink is pressed through the screen with a squeegee. Silk screens are coated with a light sensitive photo emulsion. Graphics are printed on clear vellum and placed over the screen, then exposed to a strong light for a prescribed time. The image is developed with warm water under pressure.
Print quality – Usually silkscreen is manual hand printing, therefore the print quality is subject to person skill set who perform the job.
Setup time – Very long - It need to prepare block which coated with light sensitive photo emulsion. It need to adjust the position of each block in order to make sure the ink are printed in right place.
Production time – Once all block are finish setup, the production will become easier. However, it depend on how many colors consist in the printed image as silkscreen print each color one by one.
Cost – Screen printing is cost-effective for volume order and with one or two-color printing. Silk screen works best with dynamic, iconic images specifically prepared for the medium.

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