Monday, March 25, 2013

Deal direct with textile printing company

Usual procedure for end user to order company shirt 
End user  -> agent/dealer -> textile printing company (tshirtngift) or apparel company

Different between Agent & Textile Printing Company
Agent/dealer is like a bridge between “end user” and “printing company”.
Agent attend site visit to end user place and gather customer’s requirement.
Agent collect print sample from printing company and send to end user place for sample confirmation
Printing company focus more on production
Printing company might not attend site visit at customer place, but printing company willing to direct engage with the end user thru email.

Benefits of dealing direct with textile printing company
We make easy communication via phone or email. If needed, can be setup meeting at the office.
Textile Printing Company can provide professional consultation direct to the end user.  As we are expert in textile printing.
Value for money - Better cost control due to skipping the agent level

Feeling lucky that you are dealing with us - TEXTILE PRINTING EXPERT (no matter how, this is the last state of production before good deliver to user).
You're about direct to deal with Textile Printing Expert... Strait forward, let us know your requirement, we produce it ….

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grow in the dark tshirt for event usage

If you organizing company event in the night time and wanted to give a wow effect to your customer / client. I believe the event tshirt with “grow in the dark” printing is one the best choice for your event.

Here we introduce the new grow-in-the-dark material for tshirt. It uses cut & heat transfer method to a t-shirt. This material is suitable for most of the cloth included Cotton Tee, Polo-Tee, QuickDry or Microfiber and etc.... This is one of the new technology for heat transfer printing for tshirt.

Note: Grow in the dark printing for most suitable for event usage only, it is not cater for long lasting usage. The cost of printing is still higher as compare to normal heat transfer printing. 

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