Sunday, October 15, 2017

Personalized tshirt printing and benefits of heat transfer

Just to share the idea to create a tshirt for wedding event. Here we would like to introduce our new tshirt printing technology. We call it "Hi-Res Laser heat tansfer printing"
What is the benefit with Hi-Res Laser Heat Transfer Printing? There are tons of benefits, here is the summarize

a) No minimum order requirement. You can order even 1 unit
b) No limitation on CMYK Color. Therefore you enjoy full color printing with the same cost
c) High resolution printing.  You enjoy extremely sharp image printing quality on the tshirt
d) Personalized make life special – Can print different image on different tshirt. Make your tshirt become unique tee in the world. The key thing is no extra cost charges required
e) No hidden cost, no block charges. Peace of mind
f) Print out image is extremely soft, easy maintain and washable. Your tshirt is comfortable wearing.

Interested to create your unique tshirt? It’ simple, just create the artwork then email to us. Your artwork can be wording, picture, photo or combine all. We will print your artwork on the tshirt.

Running out of idea to create your artwork? We do have some ready artwork for your reference. Please click this link 

For how to order, please visit

To order with us, please email
or you can visit out official website at

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