Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vinyl Heat Transfer printing for cloth

We are professional in vinyl heat transfer printing. Most people will might not clear about the vinyl heat transfer. Here we include the FAQ

What is vinyl heat transfer printing? 
Heat transfer vinyl refers to printing graphics or image on tshirt using PU vinyl and a heat press machine. A shirt is placed in the machine, and vinyl is placed on top of the shirt. The heating unit is brought down over them for a prescribed time to print the image on the shirt.
Vinyl is a PU material which is more eco friendly and durable qualified by the textile industry. Printable vinyl transfer is use by most of the branded fashion company due to its excellent quality. It use large format inkjet printer or Print and Cut System with durable eco solvent ink for printing.

Is vinyl heat transfer printing durable? 
PU vinyl heat transfer is one of the most durable printing method for tshirt. It is long lasting at least 50 washes. Comfort stretchable and anti-crack. We did the reliability test with our vinyl heat transfer. Please refer to

What can be done with vinyl heat transfer? 
Vinyl can transfer on all type of textile included POLYESTER, NYLON, LYCRA, SPANDEX, LEATHER, SYNTHETIC OR NATURAL FIBERS. In short, we can print on almost all sort of tshirts / clothes. Beside clothes, vinyl also can be transfer to other merchant like recycle bag, tote bag, cap and safety vest etc.....

How to produce tshirt printing with vinyl heat transfer?
See the video below

What is the benefits with vinyl heat transfer tshirt printing?
You don't need to commit large order quantity now. Our personalized tshirt printing is no minimum order quantity required. This is mean you can order even 1 unit with full color printing. Totally personalized!!! For instance, you can make 10 tshirts with 10 different designs, there's no extra charges....Spend some time to create an unique image, then submit to us. We help you to produce your tshirt with excellent print quality and affordable price.

Any sample picture? 

What is the benefits of personalized tshirt printing? 
In the past, due to the limitation in tshirt printing technology, most tshirt order must in bulk quantity. But now a day, vinyl heat transfer printing offer:

Excellent printing quality and reliability - Thank to heat transfer vinyl technology
Full color printing - Any photo, graphic or text
No minimum order quantity
No hidden cost - no block charges
Personalized your own design - different design in different tshirt

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