Monday, March 7, 2016

Heat Transfer Mug Supply in KL and Selangor

You may come across looking for mug print service. Some people are looking special mug and printed with unique memorable picture. Therefore the heat transfer mug is the best solution for you. Why heat transfer mug? What is the benefit for heat transfer? What are the pros and cons for heat transfer mug?
Here is the answer and solution...

Why heat Transfer mug ?
We highly recommend heat transfer mug printing because heat transfer mug is the most suitable mug for CMYK full color printing. Thanks to sublimation heat transfer technology, you can print any image or even photo on the mug surface. You may ask beside heat transfer printing, is the any other printing method in the market? Yes…. There are several printing methods in the market like silkscreen, decal firing printing. But there are not suitable for full color printing and it needs quantity base order.

What is the benefit for Heat Transfer mug printing?

  1. No minimum order quantity
  2. Fully personalized – Mean you can have different image in different mug. 
  3. No block needed, fast delivery
  4. Dishwasher safe
  5. Low cost with high printing quality

What is the pros and cons
  • Suitable for from personal order (low quantity) to corporate order (high quantity)
  • Excellent printing quality

  • Only standard size (11oz) white color surface is available. Customer can’t choose different mug shape other than standard mug. However, customer can have full color printed on mug surface

Printing quality
Heat transfer print mug is quickly and economically without sacrificing quality. This technology are capable of printing complex, vivid, and full color images created in programs like Adobe Illustrator and offer excellent image resolution.

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