Monday, September 9, 2013

Heat Transfer Mug Printing In Malaysia

Heat Transfer Mug Printing in Malaysia
Probably you might need to print mug for either event or personal purpose. Heat transfer mug printing is one of the most common ways you can consider. It provides very good printing quality and reasonable cost. One of the key advantages for heat transfer mug printing is completely personalized and no minimum order quantity required.

What is heat transfer mug printing and how to produce? 

Here is the idea…

Print the artwork into transfer paper via special sublimation printer. Basically the inks are just temporally stay on the transfer paper, it will transfer to mug later on after heat up.

Wrap the mugs with transfer paper.

Place the mug into 3D Sublimation machine. This machine will heat up the mug up to certain temperature in order for ink from transfer paper to transfer to mugs.

Here is the completed product……

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