Sunday, October 12, 2014

Button Badges Printing With Different Finishing

Most people know button badge come with different sizes and always looking for lowest price. Beside sizes and pricing, do you know button badges come with different finishing and printing quality?

For Printing Quality– We are using high quality coasted paper and special printing method which can improve image quality up to 50% compare with other. See below picture for comparison

Button Badges Finishing – In order to different customer’s requirement, we are introduce 3 different finishing method that make your button badges even look better.

Mylar Finishing (Default) – This is the most common button badges finishing in the market. It is the highest gloss / shinning feel. The button badge is produce by added a thin Mylar transparent sheet on top of the image. Most customer prefer mylar finishing due to it glossy feel and smooth surface.

Gloss Laminate finishing – Slightly lower gloss feeling compare to Mylar. The budges surface is medium rough but printing color and quality remain the same.

Matte Laminate Finishing – Non-Glossy surface and rough surface, but it offer special touching feel. The printing image and color are slight affected due to it lusterless surface

Please contact us if you wish to order your button badges. There is  no minimum order quantity required.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heat Transfer Mug Printing Quality

There are many company provide personalized gift printing in the market. Example for mug printing, how you ensure the company can produce a quality mug printing that meet your expectation? Which company can produce the best quality of product?

In tshirtngift, we believe the most effective way to improve quality is “always comparing”.  We compare different printing materials like ink, printer, transfer paper, machine and etc… By doing comparison, we understand which material is the best match that produce the best quality of product.

Please see below comparison of product quality

Refer to above picture, basically the "right mug" is consider above average. In Tshirtngift, we are not just above average, we want "Better than above average" or "the closest to perfect". 

  Color accuracy, contrast, brightness is also the key factor to produce quality mug printing.

As you can see, we are taking a lot of effort and time for R&D and comparison, the reason is to deliver the best in class product quality to our customer.  In tshirtngift, we ensure you in perfect satisfaction with our services.

Please contact us if you wish to order your personalized mug. We are able to produce quality mug with full color heat transfer printing with no minimum order quantity required.

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