Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Gift - Heat Transfer Tshirt and Mug

Christmas gift idea

Christmas 14 is just around the corner, still finding an idea of Christmas gift for your love one? Will you consider a unique gift with our heat transfer technology? If you're the kind of person who wanted to make this Christmas special for the ones you love the most, here tshirtngift are able to help out. All you need to do is just submit your artwork / photos, and we turn your photo into a valuable gift like tshirt / puzzle / mug and etc....

Heat Transfer Tshirt / Couple Tee

No minimum order quantity. Your artwork + our heat transfer technology - To create a very unique tshirt as Christmas gift.

Heat Transfer Mug

The sample artwork not just apply to tshirt printing. You can use the sample artwork for mug printing. You may create a personalized mug as well (mean each mug printed with different image or name) Make your mug become a unique gift for friend and family members. (see below)

Of course, there are no minimum order quantity required. Your can order even 1 unit. Feel free to contact us if you need need help ok?

Explore other gifts

Beside tshirt and mug, there are many other gift you can consider too. Please visit out website for more detail ok?

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

T-shirt printing methods, heat transfer, silkscreen, embroidery, DTG

As you know, there are various of tshirt printing methods in the market. Each method cater for different needs and of course there are pro & cons  between each method. Today we take this opportunity to explain some of the tshirt printing method here

a) Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing
b) Silkscreen Printing
c) Direct to Garment (DTG)
d) Embroidery

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer refers to printing graphics on shirts using transfer paper and a heat press machine. A shirt is placed in the machine, and transfer paper is placed face-down over the shirt. The heating unit is brought down over them for a prescribed time to print the image on the shirt.Transfer paper is available for inkjet. The design must be flipped horizontally and printed to the transfer paper prior to use. It is also possible to silk screen onto transfer paper.

With heat transfer, the unit cost is low for short-run, full-color image, and good quality. Heat-press technology is capable of printing any digital image created in programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Silkscreen Printing

Silk screen is a versatile printing technique suitable for printing on shirts, paper, wood, plastic and glass. The design is transferred to a frame with screen mesh stretched taut across it. Ink is pressed through the screen with a squeegee.Silk screens are coated with a light sensitive photo emulsion. Graphics are printed on clear vellum and placed over the screen, then exposed to a strong light for a prescribed time. The image is developed with warm water under pressure.

Screen printing is cost-effective for volume order and with one or two-color printing. Silk screen works best with dynamic, iconic images specifically prepared for the medium.


It’s a known process that uses colored threads to sew the design of t-shirt. It can produce an elegant and classy look if you prefer long lasting prints, quality image, more colors, and others. Take note that the price may vary depending on logos and image's size. Most of the corporate customer prefer embroidery printing for their uniform, this is due to embroidery is long lasting and it is 3D look.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Direct to garment is very much like a desktop printer and print the image on fabric directly.
Direct to garment is developed to fill in the gaps left by the other printing methods. For example, embroidery doesn't allow for photographic detail. Screen printing multiple colors is extremely expensive and requires high minimum order quantities due to the high set-up costs of each image. Heat transfers deliver a thick, rubbery feel to the graphic. However, DTG might not suitable for all kind of fabric / cloth material. Also, DTG printing cost is extremely high, therefore it is not suitable for bulk printing.

Although there are so many different printing technologies (Such as heat transfer printing, screen printing, embroidery and direct to garment), we will propose the most suitable method according customer requirement, besides consider of quantity of order and design. If you have an artwork and would like to print on a T-shirt, feel free to come to us anytime. We provide good quality T-shirt printing services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Button Badges Printing With Different Finishing

Most people know button badge come with different sizes and always looking for lowest price. Beside sizes and pricing, do you know button badges come with different finishing and printing quality?

For Printing Quality– We are using high quality coasted paper and special printing method which can improve image quality up to 50% compare with other. See below picture for comparison

Button Badges Finishing – In order to different customer’s requirement, we are introduce 3 different finishing method that make your button badges even look better.

Mylar Finishing (Default) – This is the most common button badges finishing in the market. It is the highest gloss / shinning feel. The button badge is produce by added a thin Mylar transparent sheet on top of the image. Most customer prefer mylar finishing due to it glossy feel and smooth surface.

Gloss Laminate finishing – Slightly lower gloss feeling compare to Mylar. The budges surface is medium rough but printing color and quality remain the same.

Matte Laminate Finishing – Non-Glossy surface and rough surface, but it offer special touching feel. The printing image and color are slight affected due to it lusterless surface

Please contact us if you wish to order your button badges. There is  no minimum order quantity required.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heat Transfer Mug Printing Quality

There are many company provide personalized gift printing in the market. Example for mug printing, how you ensure the company can produce a quality mug printing that meet your expectation? Which company can produce the best quality of product?

In tshirtngift, we believe the most effective way to improve quality is “always comparing”.  We compare different printing materials like ink, printer, transfer paper, machine and etc… By doing comparison, we understand which material is the best match that produce the best quality of product.

Please see below comparison of product quality

Refer to above picture, basically the "right mug" is consider above average. In Tshirtngift, we are not just above average, we want "Better than above average" or "the closest to perfect". 

  Color accuracy, contrast, brightness is also the key factor to produce quality mug printing.

As you can see, we are taking a lot of effort and time for R&D and comparison, the reason is to deliver the best in class product quality to our customer.  In tshirtngift, we ensure you in perfect satisfaction with our services.

Please contact us if you wish to order your personalized mug. We are able to produce quality mug with full color heat transfer printing with no minimum order quantity required.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Personalized mug with easy way artwork design

Sometime you might want to create a personalized mug for your love one. And then you will start looking for a company which can produce a personalized mug for you. But the most of the companies are request you to submit your artwork first before they can produce your personalized mug. The problem is you are not a designer, you do not have knowledge to create the artwork, hence it is blocking you to move further….

Actually you can solve this issue just with a simple idea! How? The answer is “SMARTPHONE”. Now a day most people are carrying Iphone or Andriod. You can simple download and install some photo editing app like Instamag, FotoRus, Photofunia and etc….

Spend some time to play around with the photo editing app in your smartphone, I believe your should be able to create a creative artwork just for your personalized mug. It is easier and fun to edit your photo/image, at the end we can help you to produce your unique personalized mug.

Please contact us if you have your creative artwork ready. We are able to produce quality mug with full color heat transfer printing with no minimum order quantity required.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mouse Pad Heat Transfer Printing in KL

Mousepad is a surface for place computer mouse that allow it to measure movement accurately and without jitter. Mousepad is one of the common item people use in their office everyday. Do you know that Mousepad can be consider a valuable gift for your love one? With the printing technlogy getting advance, you are actual can have a personalized mousepad easily.  

For corporate,  your can consider mouse pad as a special gift for clients, or a thank-you gift to loyal customers, a personalised mouse pad makes the perfect addition to their office.

Please contact us if you wish to have your personalized mousepad. We are able to produce quality mousepad with full color heat transfer printing with no minimum order quantity required.

How to order:
Email us  and provide us below detail

Email Subject: Personalized mousepad

a) Name & Contact
b) Mailing address
c) Order Quantity

We will revert your email with quotation and payment method

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heat Transfer Jigsaw Puzzle

You can create your own jigsaw puzzle with nice photo, or send it to your friend as gift. In the past, Puzzle is a game, or toy that tests a person's ingenuity. But now, puzzle is the made to order unique gift. Thanks to heat transfer technology make this available for everyone.

Now you can have your own Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle. We only "Made to Order" with your selected photo or artwork. Our Jigsaw Puzzle size is 14.5cm x 21cm (80pcs). There are no minimum order quantity required.

How to order:
Email us  and provide us below detail

Email Subject: Personalized Puzzle

a) Name & Contact
b) Mailing address
c) Order Quantity

We will revert your email with quotation and payment method

Monday, July 21, 2014

I AM Tshirt with Heat Transfer Vinly Printing

Do you notice that "I AM Tshirt" is getting famous recently. Many people are wearing this tshirt printed with prefix word "I AM" follow by "your prefer wording" inside a yellow and black box. If you come across this and wanted to own this tshirt, here we are able to customize for you.

What is the image size: 
Front: 20.7cm x 6.6cm
Back: 12.7cm x 4.1cm

What make us different compare with other competitor:
Our "I AM Tee" come with front and back printing as default, where competitor only offer front printing with the same price. To maximize the value, all our I AM T-Shirt printed with Eco Friendly Italian Vinly heat Transfer printing. You will enjoy the best world class quality of printing material.

Italian Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing. For more information about our printing technology, please visit


Tshirt Type: 
Round Neck Tee 100% cotton - Black color Only
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

1pcs @ RM25/pc
10pcs @ RM20/pc
20pcs @ RM19/pc
30pcs @ RM18/pc
40pcs @ RM17/pc
50pcs or above @ RM15/pcs
(above price doesn't included delivery charges)

How to order:
Email us  and provide us below detail

Email Subject: I AM Tshirt

a) Name & Contact
b) Mailing address
c) Order Quantity
d) Wording to be print on the tshirt
- Font Type (like Time new Roman, arial, Calibri and etc....)

We will revert your email with quotation and payment method

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Safety Vest Printing in KL

Safety vest is a high visibility cloth or cloth has highly reflective properties with a colour that is easily discernible from any background. It is usually worn by cyclists, motor cyclists, traffic police and workers engaged in construction, road work, rail work and those working in ports, airports, yards, hangers, fire, rescue, emergency services and utility jobs where bad weather or low visibility may be an issue.

Printing a company logo or name position on safety vest is important for relevant party to identify the right person during emergency case. Sometime safety vest with company logo also representing a corporate image for marketing purposes.

Do you know that the most reliable safety vest printing method is vinyl heat transfer ? Yes... with heat transfer printing method, there is no limitation, no block charge and no minimum order quantity required. You can printing also any designs and any colors on safety vest. Thanks to italian vinyl heat transfer technology.

If you interest to have a safety vest with heat transfer printing, feel free to contact us anytime to place your order.

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Heat Transfer Printing in KL

Heat Transfer printing is actually using heat press to transfer either sublimation ink or printable material to an object like tshirt, mug, puzzle and etc…. For instance, tshirt printing can be using sublimation heat transfer or vinyl heat transfer method. Of course there is pro and cons between sublimation heat transfer and Vinyl heat transfer. But we are more emphasis on Vinly heat transfer for Tshirt. Vinyl heat transfer is full color CMYK printing and it suitable for any textile material. No matter is cotton, microfiber, lacoste, canvas, regardless any material's color (other heat transfer technology only suitable for white color material). The most important thing is vinyl heat transfer tshirt is long lasting up to 160 times wash.

In tshirtngift, we provide vinyl heat transfer printing without any minimum order quantity. No hidden cost, no color block (you can have full CMYK color printing without constraint), high quality and fast delivery.

What can be done with Vinyl heat transfer printing? The answer is all sort of textile material like round neck Tee, Shirt , Jacket, Jean, recycle bag, laptop bag, safety vest, umbrella and a lot more…

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PVC ID Card Printing in KL

Do you know “PVC Card” or “PVC ID Card” is consider part of our daily life? Actually each of us are carrying at least one ID card in our life. For instance, Company ID, Membership card, Discount card, student card, medical card, loyalty card, sport club ID and etc....
Why PVC ID Card? The reason is PVC Card is proven for long lasting, smooth edge, water resistant and best printing quality. Most of the PVC cards are follow ISO standard card size -86mm (width)x 54mm (height). In short, it is same as bank credit card size.

Common PVC ID Card usage and concept
Membership ID CardNeed individual name and photo, Serial number or barcode, Expired date
Discount CardTerm & Condition, Expired date, Serial number or barcode
Company ID cardEmployee’s Detail, Employee’s photo, Employee number, Date of Join, Company’s objectives, goal and values
Student CardStudent detail and photo, Major course & faculty, expired date

Our Service could be your best option for small and medium volume order quantity. Now you can create your personalized PVC ID with minimum order as low as 10pcs only. All our PVC ID cards can be full color printing without addition charges.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding tshirts printing

Are you looking for wedding tshirt printing? Need small quantity tshirt that printed with groom & bride photo on it? Personalized marriage tshirt is one of the best idea to create a memorable moment. Just imagine a group of best friend wearing a same wedding shirt, celebrating the wedding ceremony, photo shooting session with Bride and Groom and etc.....

Well... we are specialist for personalized tshirt. The key benefit of personalized round neck t-shirt is you create your own design without quantity constraint. For instance, you can make 10 tshirts with 10 different designs, there's no extra charges....Spend some time to create an unique image, then submit to us. We help you to produce your tshirt with excellent print quality and affordable price.

How to order?  Please click HERE

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tshirt for birthday party celebration

Well....How you celebrate your birthday every year? Having a birthday party with your close friend? Will you consider all friends and family members wear the same tshirt? Just to create a memorable moment, photo shooting with all people wearing the same personalized tshirt......

You don't need to commit large order quantity now. Our personalized tshirt printing is no minimum order quantity required. This is mean you can order even 1 unit with full color printing. If you think that personalized tshirt printing is a great idea for birthday party celebration, feel free to contact us anytime.....

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Monday, March 31, 2014

I Love My Mug

The key benefit of personalized mug is you can have your own design for each mug. For instance, the design "I love Mug" can be so simple and nice and create a valuable gifts for your love one.

I love MyMug also can be turn into family mug or couple mug as well. Is all depend on your creativity ideas. You can create a family mug like " I love my Mom, I love Dad, I love my parent and etc....

For couple mug, below is the sample idea....

Anyway, we provide good quality mugs printing services and fast delivery time. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ready made apron and printing

Apron make cooking fun and easy. If you have a personalized apron, i believe it will increase your confidence level to cook a delicious food for your love one. Sometime, apron also can be romantics couple gift for your love one.

For the company, apron also can be one of the tools to promote your company business. Especially in food industry, apron printed with company logo or promotional information are really common in cooking event.

In Tshirtngift, we provide personalized aprons printing services. We believe that this is the best way to stay clean and look good while cooking, grilling at the BBQ, painting, and more. There is no minimum order quantity required. You can even order 1 unit.

Ready made Apron
Choice of Apron color: Black or White
Printing image: Full color up to A4 size
No minimum order quantity required

Contact us if you want to know more about this…
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tshirt with logo printing

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. In the past, most company design their logo just with spot or solid color only. This is due to technology constraint and ease of tshirt printing process just with solid color only. 

Now, digital printing with full color is getting common and popular, you may observe that full color logos are gradually replacing those solid color logos. And also printing a full color logo on a tshirt is getting easy and inexpensive compare to last time. Thanks to heat transfer Vinyl printing technology. 

Please contact us if you come across any requirement for tshirt with logo printing. We provide full color heat transfer vinly tshirt printing service with excellent quality and affordable price. 

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