Friday, December 21, 2012

Various of Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp
Traditional rubber stamps provide and economical marking device for use with a stamp pad. Rubber stamps can be made any size to suit your marking requirement. They have a tremendous flexibility over other types of stamp, by changing the type of rubber used for the die plate/text plate and ink type.

Stamp Pad
Pads for use with Rubber stamps available in various colours or dry for use with specialised inks.

Pre-Inked Stamp
A pre-inked stamp is made from a micro porous material which holds the ink in the material eliminating the need for a stamp pad. Pre-inked stamps can be made in Black, Blue, Red, Green or other colors. Pre-inked Stamps are one of the very stamp types which can be supplied in different colours on one stamp.

Self Inked Stamp
The self inking stamp has a special mount that has a built in ink pad and spring mechanism that automatically re-inks the die between impressions. Can be used with other types of ink when a dry pad is used instead of a standard ink pad. Much the same a rubber stamp, just without the need for a separate ink pad.

Pocket Stamp
Self inking stamps that are slim to allow easy pocket use. Ideal for Quality Control and product approval where the operator needs to have the stamp accessible at all times. Simply choose the size and shape you require and design you own wording and layout.

Common Seal
A medium duty desk embosser and suitable for embossing paper up to 120gsm. It can accommodate up to 30 characters and spaces around the circumference. Crests and company logos can be produced from your own black and white artwork. Depending on the complexity of the design, the die may require hand finishing.

We supply all sort of rubber stamps custom made services.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What make us different from others

There are so many companies in the market providing tshirt printing services to customer. we are one of the company providing the same services to our value customer too. Therefore we always ask ourselves, what make us different from other supplier? What is our value to our customer?

Finally we have the conclusion here. Of course thanks for our customer keep supporting us…..

Quality printing material
All t-shirt printing materials are high quality PU materials imported from Italy. It is the same printing material used by most of the branded fashion industry in Europe countries. Our printing materials are 100% eco friendly.

High speed printing services
We posses complete printing equipments and heat transfer technology to ensure production schedule are meeting customer’s timeline. Automated

Reliable and long lasting
Printing quality comes with a guarantee - long lasting at least 50 washes. Comfort stretchable and anti-crack

Fully personalized
There are no color block charges, no minimum order quantity! With our Italian technology, you can have full color tone printing, photo quality pictures and lowest printing cost.

All printing prices are determined by size of prints. So go ahead and design your own t-shirt and then send us your design. We will quote accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Personalized gift to create gift idea

we produce many personalized gifts for customer everyday. When all these gifts place together, sometime it might bring us new idea to create better gift for our customer. Hence i always believe "from gift to create new gift idea".....

Here just to share the concept... maybe it will give you an idea for your Christmas celebration.
Stay with us... a new personalized item is going to announce soon

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collar Pin and Collar Pin Printing

What is Collar Pin
A collar pin is a piece of men's jewelry, which holds the two ends of a dress shirt collar together and passes underneath the knot of a necktie. Functioning in a similar way as a tabbed collar, it keeps the collar in place and lifts the knot to provide a more aesthetically pleasing arc to the necktie.

Why Collar Pin?
Usually collar pin can be customized according to the customer need. You can print any logo with full color printing. There is an epoxy applied into collar pin to keep your logo looking good & message bright & clear. Of course collar pin can be a promotional items which bring you great visibility to your marketing campaign.

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