Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PVC ID Card Printing in KL

Do you know “PVC Card” or “PVC ID Card” is consider part of our daily life? Actually each of us are carrying at least one ID card in our life. For instance, Company ID, Membership card, Discount card, student card, medical card, loyalty card, sport club ID and etc....
Why PVC ID Card? The reason is PVC Card is proven for long lasting, smooth edge, water resistant and best printing quality. Most of the PVC cards are follow ISO standard card size -86mm (width)x 54mm (height). In short, it is same as bank credit card size.

Common PVC ID Card usage and concept
Membership ID CardNeed individual name and photo, Serial number or barcode, Expired date
Discount CardTerm & Condition, Expired date, Serial number or barcode
Company ID cardEmployee’s Detail, Employee’s photo, Employee number, Date of Join, Company’s objectives, goal and values
Student CardStudent detail and photo, Major course & faculty, expired date

Our Service could be your best option for small and medium volume order quantity. Now you can create your personalized PVC ID with minimum order as low as 10pcs only. All our PVC ID cards can be full color printing without addition charges.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding tshirts printing

Are you looking for wedding tshirt printing? Need small quantity tshirt that printed with groom & bride photo on it? Personalized marriage tshirt is one of the best idea to create a memorable moment. Just imagine a group of best friend wearing a same wedding shirt, celebrating the wedding ceremony, photo shooting session with Bride and Groom and etc.....

Well... we are specialist for personalized tshirt. The key benefit of personalized round neck t-shirt is you create your own design without quantity constraint. For instance, you can make 10 tshirts with 10 different designs, there's no extra charges....Spend some time to create an unique image, then submit to us. We help you to produce your tshirt with excellent print quality and affordable price.

How to order?  Please click HERE

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tshirt for birthday party celebration

Well....How you celebrate your birthday every year? Having a birthday party with your close friend? Will you consider all friends and family members wear the same tshirt? Just to create a memorable moment, photo shooting with all people wearing the same personalized tshirt......

You don't need to commit large order quantity now. Our personalized tshirt printing is no minimum order quantity required. This is mean you can order even 1 unit with full color printing. If you think that personalized tshirt printing is a great idea for birthday party celebration, feel free to contact us anytime.....

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