Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Create Heat Transfer T-shirts Printing

Create a tshirt with heat transfer printing one of the best choice, because you can enjoy full color printing without constraint, no hidden cost like block charges and no minimum order quantity. You may wonder how heat transfer vinyl printing can achieve all these and provide so much benefits to the customer...

Here we share how to create tshirt with heat transfer vinyl printing.

At first, create your artwork. You artwork can be any color or photo. You can even download any picture from the internet, then print it onto a tshirt.

Once you have get ready with your artwork, then start print the artwork into "PU Vinyl Material" with print and cut system. Please take note PU Vinyl is 100% Eco friendly and printing image are long lasting with Eco Solvent ink system.

Print and cut machine will perform cutting follow the outline of the image. And then you can place the image on the tshirt according to then given layout.

Get ready with your high pressure heat press machine. The good quality of heat press machine provides high pressure and even temperature on it heat plate, hence the image placed on your tshirt will be even long lasting.

Here you go....your tshirt is ready to delivery. As you can see, there is a long process to create a custom t-shirt printing. However, deliver a quality product to customer is our key business objective. We hope our customer will alway satisfy with our product and service.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

t-shirts printing in Kuala Lumpur

If you looking for tshirt with unique printing, here is the right place. We provide good quality T-shirt printing services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

All you need to do is provide us the artwork or images, then we can print your t-shirt with the given artwork. Of course, there is no minimum order quantity required. You can order even 1 units.

Here to introduce our branding “The T-shirt Concept” for personalized T-Shirts heat transfer printing. The T-shirt Concept brand offer excellent printing quality with no minimum order quantity, no block charges, no per color charges and even competitive pricing.

We are using Vinyl heat transfer printing technology.  All printing materials are imported high quality PU Material, it is 100% eco friendly and even long lasting.....

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Your one stop T-shirt printing in Malaysia

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Round Neck T-shirts with printing

Round neck Tee is one of the most common apparel for all levels. Regardless any country, people, company or individual... Round neck tshirts is always the best apparel. In Tshirtngift, we understand the market demand, therefore we offer Round neck t-shirt with Full color heat transfer printing. You can have your own design of your personalized tshirt. No minimum order quantity required.

Special thanks to Italy Flesso heat transfer technology that make everyone enjoy the best tshirt printing quality with affordable price. The key benefit of personalized round neck t-shirt is you create your own design without quantity constraint. For instance, you can make 10 tshirts with 10 different designs, there's no extra charges....

Probably you might not know about Italy Flesso heat transfer technology, please refer to here for more detail.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tshirt Print Service in Malaysia

We are specialist in tshirt and gift printing service in KL, Malaysia. One of the printing technology we are using is PU Vinyl heat transfer technology. With this technology, you can print your artwork design into almost all tshirts or textile material. You can enjoy full color printing without limitation, excellent printing quality and no minimum order quantity required.  If you have an artwork, just submit to us and we can print the tshirt according to the given artwork.

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Printable PU Vinyl heat transfer is one of the most reliable and long last printing material for tshirt. It using Eco-Solvent print & cut system - print the image (in full color), then cut the image out and transfer to t-shirt.
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Your one stop T-shirt printing in Malaysia

Custom Made Heat Transfer tshirt

As you know Heat Transfer tshirt allow full color printing with no MOQ restriction. Therefore we can help you to create your own custom made t-shirt. In short, get your shirt just the way you want it. You design your shirt – add text, or upload your own picture. You can make your own funny t-shirts. You can then choose the size and color. We will produce it and send to your door step.

Custom made tee can be a  excellent gift for family and friends. It bring much more joy to the recipient’s face when they know that you created the personalized gift just for them. You can personalize your custom tee just the way you want it and it will be a unique, memorable, valuable gift for your love one. 

How to create custom made tshirt with us? 
All you need to do is create your tshirt design and layout then submit to us. then let us produce your tshirt base on your design. Contact Us NOW to place your order! Email Address:

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