Monday, July 21, 2014

I AM Tshirt with Heat Transfer Vinly Printing

Do you notice that "I AM Tshirt" is getting famous recently. Many people are wearing this tshirt printed with prefix word "I AM" follow by "your prefer wording" inside a yellow and black box. If you come across this and wanted to own this tshirt, here we are able to customize for you.

What is the image size: 
Front: 20.7cm x 6.6cm
Back: 12.7cm x 4.1cm

What make us different compare with other competitor:
Our "I AM Tee" come with front and back printing as default, where competitor only offer front printing with the same price. To maximize the value, all our I AM T-Shirt printed with Eco Friendly Italian Vinly heat Transfer printing. You will enjoy the best world class quality of printing material.

Italian Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing. For more information about our printing technology, please visit


Tshirt Type: 
Round Neck Tee 100% cotton - Black color Only
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

1pcs @ RM25/pc
10pcs @ RM20/pc
20pcs @ RM19/pc
30pcs @ RM18/pc
40pcs @ RM17/pc
50pcs or above @ RM15/pcs
(above price doesn't included delivery charges)

How to order:
Email us  and provide us below detail

Email Subject: I AM Tshirt

a) Name & Contact
b) Mailing address
c) Order Quantity
d) Wording to be print on the tshirt
- Font Type (like Time new Roman, arial, Calibri and etc....)

We will revert your email with quotation and payment method

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Safety Vest Printing in KL

Safety vest is a high visibility cloth or cloth has highly reflective properties with a colour that is easily discernible from any background. It is usually worn by cyclists, motor cyclists, traffic police and workers engaged in construction, road work, rail work and those working in ports, airports, yards, hangers, fire, rescue, emergency services and utility jobs where bad weather or low visibility may be an issue.

Printing a company logo or name position on safety vest is important for relevant party to identify the right person during emergency case. Sometime safety vest with company logo also representing a corporate image for marketing purposes.

Do you know that the most reliable safety vest printing method is vinyl heat transfer ? Yes... with heat transfer printing method, there is no limitation, no block charge and no minimum order quantity required. You can printing also any designs and any colors on safety vest. Thanks to italian vinyl heat transfer technology.

If you interest to have a safety vest with heat transfer printing, feel free to contact us anytime to place your order.

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Heat Transfer Printing in KL

Heat Transfer printing is actually using heat press to transfer either sublimation ink or printable material to an object like tshirt, mug, puzzle and etc…. For instance, tshirt printing can be using sublimation heat transfer or vinyl heat transfer method. Of course there is pro and cons between sublimation heat transfer and Vinyl heat transfer. But we are more emphasis on Vinly heat transfer for Tshirt. Vinyl heat transfer is full color CMYK printing and it suitable for any textile material. No matter is cotton, microfiber, lacoste, canvas, regardless any material's color (other heat transfer technology only suitable for white color material). The most important thing is vinyl heat transfer tshirt is long lasting up to 160 times wash.

In tshirtngift, we provide vinyl heat transfer printing without any minimum order quantity. No hidden cost, no color block (you can have full CMYK color printing without constraint), high quality and fast delivery.

What can be done with Vinyl heat transfer printing? The answer is all sort of textile material like round neck Tee, Shirt , Jacket, Jean, recycle bag, laptop bag, safety vest, umbrella and a lot more…

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