Friday, January 19, 2018

Personalized mug with heat transfer printing

Personalized mug with heat transfer printing
Many people question why call “Personalized Mug”. It is just a simple mug which printed with some image. Is there any special for personalized mug? In Tshirtngift… Yes! It is definitely special for our customer.  We want our customer not just getting a simple mug. In fact, they are getting a very unique mug printed with their own design / images. We create the mug printing base on customer requirement. We want our customer to enjoy the value, the uniqueness and memorable picture printed on the mug. 

How to make personalized mugs
Making personalized mugs can be a fun. You don’t need to be a graphic designer in order to create your design. You can utilize many “free app” in your smartphone just to create a photo, edit it or adding some greeting texts, emoji, clipart then save it.
After that, email to us your artwork. We will provide good quality mugs printing services for you. The key benefit is there no minimum order quantity for personalized mug. You can order only 1 unit and the only 1 in the world. (that why we call it “Personalized Mug”)

No Minimum order 
Sure…Our customer’s benefit is getting their unique mug (only 1 in the world). Hence, they don’t need to commit quantity order. We can accept only 1pc order with inexpensive cost.

Good quality mug printing 
In tshirtngift, we believe the most effective way to improve quality is “always comparing”.  We compare different printing materials like ink, printer, transfer paper, machine and etc… By doing comparison, we understand which material is the best match that produce the best quality of product.
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