Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heat Transfer Printing Quality

HEAT TRANSFER printing for t-shirt is a technique or technology using High Temperature to transfer the image on the T Shirt or any type of textile. It's can be separate into 2 types of HEAT TRANSFER technique which is using”


Print the image on the transfer paper using Textile Pigment ink Printer which is or some of the transfer paper may use dye ink, then put your transfer paper on the T-shirt and heat press or may called (iron on) using High Pressure T Shirt Heat Press Machine. After the heat press, transfer paper will stick on the tshirt.

Quality test:

Printable vinyl transfer is using PU material which is more eco friendly and durable qualified by the textile industry. Printable vinyl transfer is use by most of the branded fashion company due to its excellent quality. The printing method are similar to Transfer paper, but using large format inkjet printer or Print and Cut System with solvent and eco solvent ink. (not pigment or dye ink)

Printable Vinyl can transfer on all type of textile POLYESTER, NYLON, LYCRA, SPANDEX, LEATHER, SYNTHETIC OR NATURAL FIBERS.

Quality test:

Heat transfer technology is still new in Malaysia market. Most people still think that heat transfer tshirt printing is not durable and long lasting. Well, i agree with "Transfer Paper" printing, but not for Printable Vinyl printing. Above testing is proven that printable vinyl is still remain nice even after 160 washes. And this is the reason why i alway promote printable vinyl in our personalized tshirt printing.

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