Monday, April 3, 2017

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In the past, when you come across mugs printing, there is a limitation on the color. The more color your print, the higher cost you have to pay. Beside that, you must commit to certain order quantity and limit to same image printed on each mug.

But today mug printing with heat transfer technology has gained significant importance and widely use in current market especially in the personalized gift industry as an alternative for printing more unique personalized gifts without minimum order quantity.

In short, if you looking for full color printing, unique design (mean each mug printed with individual images), high quality printing, lower cost of ownership, no minimum order quantity required. Yes… heat transfer mug printing is the only solution that can meet all your requirements.  Your budget will never force you to decide how many colors you can afford on your personalised mugs.

Suitable for from personal order (low quantity) to corporate order (high quantity)
Full color printing
Excellent printing quality

Only standard size (11oz) white color surface is available. Customer can’t choose different mug shape other than standard mug. However, customer can have full color printed on mug surface

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