Wednesday, October 5, 2016

silkscreen and heat transfer printing combination

If you always come across tshirt order for either company or personal, you should know that there are 2 common printing methods for t-shirt - silkscreen and heat transfer printing

Let make simple explanation for these 2 printing method
A) Silkscreen – need block and manual printing / Suitable for solid color (some people call spot color) / Color and order quantity is the cost factor
B) Heat Transfer – Digital printing on PU Vinyl then heat transfer to tshirt / Suitable for full color with gradient or photo printing / image size the cost factor

The question is how determine the best printing method? There is no absolute answer. We highly recommend you show us your tshirt artwork design and layout, so that we can advise the best printing method base on your artwork and order quantity.

Here is one of the example:

have a look with below tshirt design. The image size is A4, consist of wording at top, full color logo in the middle and yellow color wording at bottom. What is the most cost effective way for printing?

In order to determine the printing cost, we need to know the order quantity. If the order quantity is below 5pcs, then heat transfer printing is the most cost effective and suitable method

If there is bulk quantity about 100pcs or above. There are 2 options. 

Option 1 - 100% silkscreen printing
Result: the top white wording and bottom yellow wording is fine. The logo in the middle might not meet expectation due to limitation of silkscreen can't produce high quality CMYK image.

Option 2 - silkscreen and heat transfer combination
Result: Silkscreen printing for top and bottom wording (as silkscreen printing is suitable for solid color printing). For logo in the middle, use heat transfer full color printing. 

We believe option 2 is the best printing method to maintain cost effective and printing quality for bulk order volume. However, it is subject to the final artwork design. Hence we highly recommend customer to show us your tshirt design, so that we can propose the right printing method for your tshirt. 


If you have an artwork and would like to print on a T-shirt, feel free to come to us anytime. We provide good quality T-shirt printing services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

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